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01. Elegy For Lit X - (2:32)
02. Pieces of Shalom - (5:57)
03. What Moms Had To Do For An Autographed Michael Jordan Shoe - (2:26)
04. White Boy Ballad For A Southern B-Girl - (3:09)
05. Nothing Fight (A Battle Cry) - (2:59)
06. Post No Bills - (3:44)
07. The Day Jam Master Jay Died - (3:46)
08. Razor Ramon's - (1:46)
09. Boomerang - (4:10)
10. Love Letter To Chi - (6:14)
11. Hero Israel - (4:10)
12. Qadosh - (3:14)


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PROPS for Slingshots (A Hip-Hop Poetica):

"Slingshots is like a midnight craps game between Studs Terkel, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Big Daddy Kane, thrown against a synagogue wall. Kevin Coval's wordplay is fierce, frenetic and funny, but these words didn't come to play. This is poetry as community dialogue, poetry as distilled-essense-of-rhyme-cipher, poetry that scours both the world and the self for stones big enough to fling at the Goliaths of our times."

-ADAM MANSBACH- Author of Angry Black White Boy, or The Miscegenation of Macon Detornay.

"Slingshots is a visionary spoken word collection guided by an acute sense of spiritual freedom and personal conviction. The inner and outer worlds of politics, hip-hop and love merge to the point of combustion. Kevin Coval is a true verbal assassin and his voice should be used as a weapon for change."

-WILLIE PERDOMO- Author of Where a Nickel Costs a Dime and Smoking Lovely.


From the back cover:

"Kevin Coval examined a childhood churned by white-collar fears of falling, drug-fueled escapism, separatism, and suicidal tendencies, and deconstructed his Jewishness as if he were trying to find his own current in the flow of histories, personal and epic. Hip-Hop had promised, in Afrika Bambaataa's words: PEACE, UNITY, and HAVING FUN. But it also offered much more. From Bob Marley's ONE LOVE to KRS-ONE's poetry, Hip-Hop's primary motion was toward wholeness -- the suburbs toward the city, white toward black, Israeli toward Palestinian -- the end of isms and schisms. So Slingshots charts Kevin's roots journey to world-view."

American Book Award Winner, 2005