Ensure charging stations are easily seen by your customers

mobile phones charging kiosk

In the recent news, Krebs on Security reported that cell phone charging kiosks could be used to download smartphone data without consent. Because most smartphones are configured to charge and transfer data from the same USB plug, the kiosks could also install a virus. Therefore, it is imperative to provide a convenient place to charge a smartphone. Power Portals, a provider of mobile phone charging kiosks, is expanding its network of such kiosks to airports and other public places.

To attract customers, you need to ensure that the charging stations are easily seen by your customers. For this, you can use table signs or window stickers to promote the kiosk. A branded charging station will also attract customers. Once customers discover your mobile phone charging station, they will be more likely to come back for more. There are many benefits to this mobile phone charging kiosk, including a slick appearance and an inviting environment. You can advertise your branding with custom graphics and images.

Travelers also appreciate a charging station when traveling. 70% of air travelers use their cell phones. However, there are limited outlets at airports, making it difficult to attract users. A Charge Carte mobile phone charging kiosk can easily transform a standard outlet into a convenient charging station for twelve cell phones. While business travelers depend on their cell phones for productivity and connectivity, leisure travelers use their mobile devices to stay connected with family and friends. The convenience of a charging station will greatly enhance their day.