Where to Find Animal Communicator Workshops in Choa Chu Kang SG

where to find animal communicator workshop

Learn telepathic animal communication techniques in Choa Chu Kang SG that will enable you to help animals feel heard, understood, and cared for. These beginner-level animal communication courses are offered over three Saturday morning sessions – you can attend any or all three if desired!

Pea Horsley offers an integrative, heart-centred approach to healing, spiritual advancement and reconnecting with all life.


Animal communicators offer workshops that teach beginners how to communicate telepathically with animals, often through photographs of pets for practice purposes and as participants pass them back and forth they can affirm what energy their pet emits. These classes may take place either in someone’s home or at an animal sanctuary depending on the instructor, with participants typically asked to bring photos of their pet so the instructor can assess each one’s energy before passing along a photo to another participant in turn and making affirmations statements on each photo they pass to each other during class.

Workshops may also address more serious topics, like health issues or lost pets. People may seek the services of an animal communicator to discover why their horse is bucking or why their cat won’t come out into the yard.

As well as teaching the fundamentals of telepathic communication, instructors may also offer guidance on marketing, advertising, and setting up an animal communication business. With their tools and tips for efficient work processes, these instructors will give you everything necessary to begin working with clients immediately and see life-altering results for both of you.


Animal communication workshops and classes typically feature several sections held over multiple days, so students can pick the one which best fits into their schedules and other commitments. Instructors also provide ongoing support should any issues arise during the workshop.

Based on the type of animal communicator workshop being attended, participants may be required to bring photos of their pets. Once handed around the class members for verification purposes, students verify what energy they sense in these pictures. This exercise teaches students to trust what they receive during animal communication sessions.

Numerous animal communication workshops are tailored towards novices. Learning new skills takes time, so instructors may keep class sizes small to ensure each student receives individual attention as part of the learning process and key to their success.


Animal communication classes can be a fantastic way to expand your abilities and connect with nature. Unfortunately, however, their cost may be prohibitive for many people so it is vital that you conduct sufficient research before selecting the program that’s right for you.

Animal communication classes in India come in various forms. From in-person sessions to remote ones. Many tutors offer detailed profiles on Superprof that allow students to learn about their qualifications, teaching style and fees per hour.

This teleworkshop will help you discover and develop your natural ability to communicate directly with animals and other life using the universal language of telepathy. You’ll gain proven tools and practices that can deepen relationships between animal companions and reconnecting to nature; all while having lots of fun along the way! Join us now for this informative, enjoyable class filled with tools to get your journey underway!


Whether you have taken an Animal Communication Course or already communicate telepathically with animals and want to develop your skills further or remove blockages, this digital online course offers bite-sized sessions on Saturday mornings that fit easily into your schedule.

This innovative Training Class will equip you with advanced animal communication skills and how to access your internal Guidance System for more clarity and confidence in conversations (which may also benefit humans!).

Learn to understand how an animal feels, sees, smells, hears, touches, tastes, thinks and dreams from their perspective – not your own! Unlock their Divine purpose, humor concerns and more through this natural ability we all possess innately but can re-learn or develop. Join the Professional Animal Communicator Teacher Training Program with this fun-filled and joyful course; applications only accepted.