Comparing industrial tablet PC vs. conventional PC

industrial tablet pc

When you’re comparing industrial tablet PC vs. conventional PC, it’s helpful to know the differences. An industrial tablet PC is a portable computer that can be used in a wide range of applications. The M101B is a light, thin tablet that is built for rugged use. The M101 has several features to make it suitable for tough work environments. It also has a rear expansion slot for custom sensors and modules. It also has built-in data logging capabilities.

Advantech’s Industrial Tablet PC series includes rugged devices, Semi-rugged tablets, and Industrial Panel PCs. These devices are ideal for heavy-duty applications. For field services and manufacturing, rugged tablets can be paired with built-in barcode scanners and RFID readers. In addition, the rugged Android OS devices can be equipped with data capture options like NFC. Moreover, they can be mounted to forklift vehicles and can even be used in emergency situations.

The PWS series of Industrial Tablet PCs comes with an Intel Atom(tm) Processor, and enables users to easily access files and applications. These tablets are also equipped with data capture modules that can handle any task. These rugged tablets are designed with rugged chassis to withstand tough conditions. These industrial tablet pcs are an excellent choice for field services. And, they’re easy to install and use, too.

Whether you’re looking for an Industrial Tablet PC or an Industrial Panel PC, a high-performance device can be ideal for your needs. For large-screen applications, ruggedised industrial hardware is an ideal solution. Some models even come with in-built keypads, RFID readers, and barcode scanners. In addition to their high-tech industrial computing capabilities, a rugged Android OS device also comes with data capture options, NFC, and rugged chassis to withstand the harshest conditions.

Industrial tablet pcs offer many advantages over conventional PCs. The compact overall structure and professional heat dissipation design of industrial tablets make them easier to carry around. They also support multiple expansion cards, such as mini PCIe. They can be configured to expand fieldbus card, so they are flexible in their application. They are also easy to upgrade, and most industrial Tablet PCs come with an SD card slot.

Industrial tablet pcs are often more powerful than their consumer counterparts. A commercial tablet pc has a hardwired power supply, while an industrial one has a removable battery. A business tablet, on the other hand, has no external ports. Its battery life can be as low as two hours. However, if you’re using an industrial tablet based on your business needs, it’s worth spending a bit more money.

Industrial tablet pcs are generally rugged, with a protective casing and robust construction. The PWS series is designed for field service workers. The PWS series is made for factory maintenance, while the Rugged Tablets for Field Services are designed for workers in the field. In addition to ruggedness, the Industrial Tablet PC family includes several other models that have rugged designs. For example, it’s possible to customize an ODM-designed Industrial Tablet PC based on your specifications.