Different Types of Packaging Finishing in Jericho, NYC

Print finishes can transform packaging from generic designs into something truly distinctive for you and your customers. Achieved through quality printing techniques and creative embellishments, the right print finish will inspire customers’ trust in Jericho, NYC while increasing repeat purchases.

Matte lamination adds an elegant and tactile quality to packaging designs and can be combined with other finishes such as embossing or foil stamping for maximum effect. Furthermore, metallic or holographic designs also work beautifully.


Embossing can add an air of luxury and high-end appeal to your packaging, giving it more of a premium and high-end feel. Furthermore, embossing gives your brand its own distinctive appearance that customers will be drawn towards.

Embossment can be accomplished using various techniques, depending on the desired effect. Rotary dies, flatbed or platen die systems and digital technologies all offer embossment options.

Embossing involves crafting a metal plate (known as a die) based on your desired design or logo and pressing it against material with heat and pressure to create raised graphics. Embossing is commonly used for logos that need to be easily read and highly visible; adding texture or colors makes this an excellent way of making them visible as well. Pair embossing with foil stamping, which creates similar raised graphic effects but with decorative effects instead.

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Debossing is an ancient 500-year-old printing technique which involves indenting designs into paper surface. Like embossing, debossing adds luxury and quality to any print project; typically used on hang tags, accessory tags, business cards and postcards – although debossing may damage plastic materials.

Embossing and debossing both create raised areas on flat surfaces to create relief, and lower others to emphasize them more pronouncedly – perfect for drawing attention to specific parts of packaging, like your logo or product details.

These techniques, when combined with spot UV, AQ coating, hot stamping and matte lamination can produce striking packaging designs for your product or brand. Not only can this help communicate its value and distinguish its brand, but it will make its packaging seem premium in customers’ hands.

Hot Foil Stamping

Foil stamping adds a luxurious finish to paper packaging, drawing consumers’ eyes in and establishing your product as having higher quality than others on the shelf. This impression plays an essential part in shaping consumer perceptions and increasing trust between your brand and consumers.

This value-add process is relatively efficient because it employs dry foil instead of liquid inks for production. Our technicians find this much simpler since there are no messy ink spills to deal with during their production. Furthermore, foil comes in various metallic colors and finishes so matching it to branding or packaging requirements shouldn’t be difficult.

Foil decoration is the cost-effective solution for high-volume productions, offering fine details with ease on darker paper stocks. Foils can be attached to paper with dies that allow multiple effects at once such as embossing or debossing; hot foil requires no die prior to printing while cold foil does.

Soft-Touch Lamination

Soft-touch or velvet lamination goes one step beyond regular lamination by appealing to both sight and touch – gloss gives an extra shiny surface while matte has a more subdued sheen – to add an element of luxury that feels amazing in the hand. This type of lamination utilizes plastic films bonded onto packaging surfaces that give a soft surface with similar characteristics to suede or leather materials.

Soft finishes don’t cause colors to look washed-out or faded; rather, they create a more subdued appearance which makes text and graphics appear mature and sophisticated – perfect for high-end, luxury brands seeking to stand out with premium looks that command higher price points.

Soft-touch lamination can be combined with other finishes such as embossing and foil stamping to achieve your packaging dreams. However, it should not be used with UV varnish – speak to our team of specialists about details! Let us bring them to life together!