Homes in New York City’s Five boroughs neighborhoods

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New York City (or “New York City”, “NY”) is the largest city in the United States, lying along the edge of New Jersey and New York State. It is the financial, cultural, and political center of much of what is known as the East Coast, and it is a melting pot of people from many different cultures and ethnic groups. The metropolitan area of New York City is comprised of eight counties, northwest Manhattan Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan Beach, and the Brooklyn Bridge, among other boroughs. New York City’s skyline is perhaps the most famous in the world, and there are literally dozens of sub-scribes in the New York City area.

The city is divided into six boroughs: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, and Queens. The two outer boroughs of New York City are mostly suburban, but encompass a few upper-class neighborhoods and cultural hotspots like Times Square and a host of smaller commercial districts. The inner boroughs, including neighborhoods like brownstone, hipster enclaves like South Slope and East Village, and lower-cost suburbs like Greenpoint, Prospect Park, and Broxton, are mainly urban and Caribbean.

In terms of population, New York City ranks second in the United States, following Los Angeles. When compared to today’s population, Brooklyn still has the majority of residents, with Manhattan leading the way in terms of sheer numbers. Over the last half-century, however, the trend appears to be a decrease in Brooklyn’s popularity, at least in terms of sheer numbers. This is most apparent in the changing makeup of Queens, where it is now predominately middle-class and wealthy, rather than lower-class and poorer. The demographics of Brooklyn and Queens have also changed considerably over the past quarter century, from a majority African-American and Hispanic neighborhoods in the past to a much more balanced outlook today.

While living in New York City can be a true hell sometimes, the residents always seem to go home feeling like they’ve made a positive contribution to the world. Whether it’s the weather, the food, or the people, New Yorkers never take their environment for granted. From Central Brooklyn to the outer boroughs of Queens and Staten Island, the city feels like a thriving community. Even the smallest of patches along the Hudson River to feel like part of something that’s bigger than themselves.

Of course, a strong economic system and highly ranked education system anchor the New York City psyche. The cosmopolitan nature of neighborhoods like Upper West Side, Manhattan, and the Bronx help make it an appealing place to live. In contrast, parts of Long Island and Brooklyn feel much more rural, even though both boroughs are relatively close to New York City. The five boroughs of New York City have a well-balanced blend of cultural diversity. Residents of neighborhoods like Crown Heights in East Brooklyn or Crown Point in Staten Island can walk a few blocks to visit the hipster hangouts of Boquete, Flatbush, or Bedstuck on the Hudson, while living in an upscale district.

Many people choose to purchase a home in New York City because they’re close to work, convenient for traveling, and a great place to raise a family. Between the high cost of housing and taxes, however, many of these homes sit vacant, as homeowners are forced to rent out. In many cases, a new building just announced, but not yet completed, will draw people who are interested in owning a home in a less-desirable part of town. The mixed-use nature of Brooklyn and Queens makes it an ideal place to live in a less-desirable area, while still maintaining access to good school districts and a plethora of employment opportunities.

One of the most popular places to buy a home in New York City is Staten Island. Staten Island is a part of Brooklyn, and much of its eastern border is comprised of parks, bridges, and historic areas that weren’t included in the development of Queens and Brooklyn. Staten Island has much less crime than neighboring Brooklyn, and there is also much less noise. Many people choose Staten Island as a great place to raise a family, and with the ferry crossing the East River every morning, it’s easy to get to Manhattan.

If you love the quiet of Central Park and want to escape the noisy crowds of Manhattan, a home in Manhattan’s East Village is perfect for you. Five boroughs away from the hustle and bustle of Times Square, this neighborhood is set apart from other parts of New York City by its historic buildings and quiet greenery. In addition to having a beautiful view of Central Park, the East Village is also home to a popular seafood restaurant, The Seafood Bar, which serves delicious shellfish, clams, mussels, and oysters on a nightly basis. This seafood restaurant is open Friday through Sunday, so if you want to see the sights and taste the food during your free time, you’ll be able to.

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